Social proof articles

Social proof means seeing what other people think when it comes to a product, business, etc.

It's added by the store as a way to prove that the thing is legit and can be trusted.

For Shopify stores social proof comes from two sources:

  1. Authorities like major brand names or people
  2. Regular customers

Testimonials, reviews, ratings, awards, and media mentions all count as social proof.

Optional but usually required for products

Social proof is optional for products but you'll have a weaker conversion rate without it. New products, new brands, or new companies can get away with no social proof but not for long. People want to know that something is real.

Any social proof you have can be beneficial. Even just one customer review can be enough to sway customers to try out a new product.

Don't lie or make up fake proof

Lying or creating fake social proof is the fast way to lose. From customers getting upset, to Google bans, to legal actions, it just isn't worth lying.

Better to show no social proof than something fake.

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