App tips added to Repeat Customer Insights

While Repeat Customer Insights includes a lot of metrics and reports, I've always tried to add advice and suggestions around your store's data. This is the Insights portion of the app name and advice that's bundled in a few of the reports.

Any app, even a spreadsheet can calculate most of the numbers.

It takes deeper understanding to give advice and recommendations on the numbers.

Last week I added a simple feature, but one that might become much more useful than I first thought.

App Tips:

App Tips example one

App Tips example two

The little tips are shown at the bottom of most pages and reports in the app randomly. They cycle through a number of tips so might see a new one every time you visit a page. They also are aware of the different reports so if you're looking at the Who Are Loyal report, you'll get tips around customer loyalty and detecting loyalty.

This initial launch includes 53 tips but the are easy for me to add more. In fact, as I was building them I had an idea based on my tip from last Thursday so I added that article's main idea as an App Tip:

App Tips example three

My hope is that over-time these tips can become an easy way to get advice on how to use the reports Repeat Customer Insights provides and even help you learn new ways to use the app.

Eric Davis

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