Example of building customer loyalty with an ink pen

Eleda emailed me about my sending personal emails article to share an example they've seen:

Example of unique customer service from PTouchDirect

About halfway down their About Us page, you'll see what makes this small business amazing and memorable to customers. Like you said, it's not always discounts that make loyal customers; it's recognizing customers as individuals and creating a personal connection that is an edge that big, faceless corps can't offer.

While drawing a sketch on the packaging has nothing to do with label printing, it's personal and unique. It's also likely to get shared online or in-person which gives their customers more off that good feeling.

Compare that to other companies who remote shutdown customer's printers unless the customer pays for an ink subscription.

Does your brand lean more towards to personalized packaging or towards the corporate overloads? One actively builds customer loyalty, the other destroys it.

Eric Davis

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