Build customer loyalty one personal email at a time

Customers want to feel special. Giving them discounts and incentives can do that but often feel shallow because they know 100s or 1,000s of other customers got the same thing.

An alternative is to send a personal email. Not an automated one where the software filled in FIRSTNAME. I'm talking about something written by hand.

It can come from anyone in your store, but make sure it's an actual person. Something from faceless "customer service" won't land the same way as from Dannie.

The email body can be pretty simple. You'd want to comment on a product or recent order somehow, but you don't need to get into a lot of depth. You could build a few templates to use as a starter, but make sure they are customized for the customer.

Obliviously this will take time so you won't be able to use it with everyone. You can't scale it up and write 1,000s of personal emails every week.

That's why I'd recommend limiting it to your best customers who just recently reordered. Repeat Customer Insights will automatically email you ten of those customers every Monday.

Another idea that might work well would be to make it a regular task for your staff. Say, each week they need to send 15 emails (which is 3/day).

Done right this can build goodwill with your customers which can help customer loyalty.

Eric Davis

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