Are you just painting over the rust in your Shopify store?

We have four seasons here in Portland:

Winter, Spring, Construction, Fall

It being Construction season now, there's some heavy equipment or road blockage every other block.

A bit of an inconvenience and noise but no big deal.

But during my walks I see plenty of head-shaking decisions. Enough to fill these daily emails for the rest of the year.

One I saw yesterday was a newly painted patio.

It was just a simple paint job, adding a coat of paint in the same color it was previously.

But the painter must have been in a hurry. Or maybe they were new on the job.

All this fresh coat of paint did was make it look pretty at a glance. It's going to wear out in the next few months as the underlying paint is still chipping away.

Doing it right the first time would have taken all of 15 minutes longer. Move the pots (4 minutes), paint under the railing (6 minutes), and use a light to check there weren't any missed spots (5 minutes).

All painting 101 stuff that the business should have known about.

The same thing can happen with your Shopify store.

Rushing a task or hiring someone "questionable in the professionalism department" could paint over a problem and make it look pretty for now, but that can lead to bigger problems later.

The same goes for Shopify apps, since they are just automating a specific coding job in your store.

The difference is that with paint, it's visible and clear that shoddy work was done.

With software, it might be months or years before you notice the shoddy work (and by using Shopify, you're using software and bound by software's laws).

It's better to do it right the first time.

The SEO industry suffers from this more than most.

Fast results are promised, some are delivered, and then all the quick hacks and loopholes are closed by Google and the client is left with the long-term problems.

That's why it's important to use the highest quality SEO tools you can like JSON-LD for SEO.

It's trusted by a few thousand Shopify stores and has been winning Rich Results for Shopify stores since 2015.

Eric Davis

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Would you like a daily tip about Shopify?

Each tip includes a way to improve your store: customer analysis, analytics, customer acquisition, CRO... plus plenty of puns and amazing alliterations.