How much value loyal customers add to your Shopify store

Have you ever wondered how much a loyal, repeat customer spends over their lifetime?

There's Average Lifetime Value but that includes one-time customers. Given how many more one-time customers order, they can really throw off the average.

If you want to calculate it, you can find the average LTV of all repeat customers. Just total up the amount spent by customers with 2+ orders and divide by the number of repeat customers.

Those are both included in Repeat Customer Insights' Store Analysis already: Returning Customer Revenue and Number of Returning Customers.

(Repeat customer LTV is something I might calculate automatically in the future).

It would be interesting to compare that to the one-time customer's Average LTV or even your Average LTV of all customers.

This is yet another reason why building customer loyalty from day one is so profitable.

Eric Davis

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