Blogging for traffic on multiple Shopify stores

A JSON-LD for SEO customer emailed about blogging on Shopify:

I have two Shopify sites [for international sales] (planning on getting more too). How would the Shopify Blog handle this – or best to choose one (say .com) and go from there?

Unless there’s a major difference in the types of content you’d produce for US vs AU vs other audiences, I’d put the blog on just one store and link to that store’s blog from the others.

If each store has the same blog content, then you’d just be fighting your own sites with the duplicated content.

(Reminder because I’m asked about it all the time: you won’t get penalized for duplicate content, Google will just hide the lower quality ones from the search results)

You could setup hreflang tags to tell Google that the sites are country/language clones of each other. That’s usually a good idea for stores regardless.

If you use a forced IP redirect, you’d also want to relax those and maybe change it to a manual one on non-blog pages (e.g. "Not in the US, click here…").

IP redirects in general are very fragile and Google can get confused by them easily since most of the time Google load a website using a US based browser.

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Eric Davis

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