Clearing your space for important work

Yesterday I was able to clear three hours out of my schedule.

No emails.

No busywork.

No interruptions.

No servers having issues with Shopify's overwhelmed API.

In that (short) block of time I started on a feature for Repeat Customer Insights that I first read about over a year ago and have been waiting to start for months.

Amazingly, in that block of time I almost finished it. This was something big that I thought would take me 2-3 weeks.

This shows how important it is to get these blocks of focused time. They may be rare but when you can get them, use it.

Have you thought about clearing your own schedule now and then in order to make room for these big projects?

If not, I'd recommend trying it at least once this month.

If you haven't installed Repeat Customer Insights yet, you might be surprised how easy it makes customer segmenting. And it'll get even better soon...

Eric Davis

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