Cohort Reports to see which groups of customers are the best customers

The Customer Cohort report in Repeat Customer Insights segments customers into monthly cohorts based on their first order. Then it tracks the customer's behavior over-time and reports on the various metrics.

Each and every customer is assigned to one cohort based on the date of their first order. Once assigned the app tracks those customers to see their repeat order behavior in each month. This lets you see how those customers reordered two months later, three months later, etc

The three reports are organized similarly. Each cohort has it's own row and each column is the number of months after the initial order.

So for example, a cohort in 2020-10 would have customers who first ordered in October 2020. The 0 column would show any additional orders in October, the 1 column would show additional orders in November, 2 would show additional orders in December, etc. Some reports have an additional Total column that is specific to the report.

Customer Orders by Cohort

This cohort report shows how many customers placed an order in each month. Only unique customers are counted, so even if a customer ordered five times in a specific month they'd only be counted once.

In this report, the Total column shows the number of customers in the cohort (the cohort population).

The percentage option switch the values to be a percentage based on the total cohort population. e.g. 80% means 80% of the cohort customers ordered in this month.

The include previous months options makes each month a cumulative count of customers. Instead of showing who has ordered in this month, it shows who has ordered in this month or in an earlier month.

Revenue by Cohort

This cohort report shows how much customers have spent in each cohort. Here the 0 column is how much was spent in the initial month by the cohort (new and repeat orders) and each column shows how much was spent in a later month.

The Total column keeps track of how much that cohort has spent across their lifetimes.

Enabling the percentage option will compare each month to the initial month (Month 0). This can be used to see months where customer spending is increasing or decreasing, relative to their first purchase.

The include previous months options makes each month a cumulative count of the revenue. When enabled, each month's revenue is added to the next month. This can help you see cohorts that start accumulating revenue faster than their peers.

Average Order Value (AOV) by Cohort

This cohort reports calculates the Average Order Value of all orders made by the cohort customers in a given month.

The option to compare the AOVs to Month 0 lets you see if the AOV is higher or lower than the initial month. This can give you an idea if the cohort's customers are increasing their order sizes over-time.


The cohort's performance is also graphed by their size, number of orders, and total revenue.

Using these graphs you can spot common trends in them. Common trends include lagging indicators of orders and revenue as determined by the cohort customers showing growth that hasn't been reflected in the orders or revenue yet.

Get a snapshot of your customer behavior

The sooner you signup for Repeat Customer Insights, the more comparison points your store will have. Each 1st of a the month a new snapshot is taken and saved to your account for analysis.

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