Struggling to reach 100% completion

Late last week our basement office was finally finished. That meant an entire long weekend of cleaning, moving, and setting up of my office.

As I write this everything is moved in but there's a dozen of piles of miscellaneous.

A pile of papers to file.

A pile of cables to sort.

A pile of books to shelve.

Seeing all the furniture in a new arrangement is exciting.

Seeing the piles of stuff that needs new homes and knowing how much effort they're going to take... not so exciting.

Any new platform, system, process is like this. Really anything major that you switch to. Once the initial move is done, there's a bunch of polishing and finishing touches that need to happen.

Getting data imported but having to touch up tags. Products all setup but images needing reordered. Email subscribers converted but urls need to be updated.

That last 20% always takes forever too. Whether it was just a hidden iceberg that you didn't see or the difficultly in finding the time for that final polish.

One of my goals this year is to try to get rid of a lot of that work-in-progress. Those projects that I started but haven't quite finished yet.

(Funnily, I have that goal written down on a note card but it's in that pile of papers on my desk...)

We do projects and make these changes because they'll be beneficial, but oh boy can they be difficult to get to 100% completion.

Eric Davis

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