Composting the weak performers

A few days ago I had to toss 50 basil plants into the compost pile.

I started them early inside, moved them outside when it was safe, and then the weather turned wet and cold. Not enough to kill them but enough to mess with their growth.

Of the 70 or so I started, only 20 were in good enough condition to keep. Ten for us and ten for neighbors.

I wish more would have grown but that's how it goes sometimes. This year is definitely a swing from the warm spell last year and I'm having to adapt my strategies.

20 plants is still enough so it's not a total loss.

You'll run into this when marketing your Shopify store.

Some tactic or channel will sound like it could be your Next New Thing but the results never come in like you hoped. Sales aren't zero but they are disappointing and make you second guess what you did wrong.

When that happens it might not be worth trying to save. It might be better to toss it into the compost pile and try something else.

The good thing is, just like with real compost, you'll take away some knowledge and that can help grow a better business overall.

Comparing sales channel performance is the key to knowing when to keep and when to toss a channel. Repeat Customer Insights will analyze the dozens of your sales channels to find which ones send you the best customers.

Eric Davis

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