The cost of bad advice

This year I have a couple hundred plants ready to go into the ground but the weather is still too cold.

Some I started too early. Others I started too many (tomatoes). Some we questionable seed that ended up growing quite well.

Later this week it should start to heat up so heat will begin to accumulate. All I need to do is keep them alive for another couple of weeks.

This is better than the alternative, weather is good but I don't have enough plants to go into the ground.

It's taken me years to get this figured out and a lot stemmed from some (bad) advice I had early on about limiting seed usage. That bad advice and bad habit was probably the biggest limitation I've had in our garden.

(The good advice would be to start way more seeds than you need, plant out what you want, and recycle any leftovers)

Following good advice, especially good advice that's tailored to your actual store, is vital. Especially with the amount of made-up AI "content" getting churned out these days, you're likely to get bad or even harmful advice.

Eric Davis

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