Use win-back campaigns to remind soon-to-defect customers

Similar to the advice from last Friday, you should not only try to win-back defected customers but also ones who are on the fence of defecting.

Oftentimes customers just plain forget about your store and have a hard time remembering where they bought something. This is even more problematic if they ran out of your product and threw away the container. Short of memory, they're going to struggle to reorder.

"I know the package had an animal on it and the package was blue. Or was that green?"

As those customer relationships age without an order, eventually they'll fall into defected territory. Sending a win-back campaign (even one without a discount) can help them remember your product before they get that far away.

"Oh yeah, it was a yellow crocodile. Exactly what I thought..."

The Average Latency (Average Customer Purchase Latency for data-geeks) can be used to time when to start the win-back campaign. Or the automatic segments in Repeat Customer Insights can detect when specific customers aren't reordering and tag them which can kick off the win-back campaign in Shopify email, Klaviyo, etc.

(Staying top-of-mind can also be solved by having a solid new customer welcome campaign and regular email campaigns. It takes more resources to do a regular email campaign but the pay-off is much higher)

Eric Davis

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