Use win-back campaigns to recover your high-value defected customers

Win-back campaigns can be effective to get expired and defected customers to come back to your store.

You'd send them after a set amount of time has lapsed since a customer's last order. (In Repeat Customer Insights the Focus on: Downturn dashboard can tell you that timing).

Often the email will mention one of the products they bought and give a discount code. With consumable products like Consumer Packaged Goods you could even list multiple products and use copywriting around "time to refill".

Sending the actual win-back campaigns have almost no-cost but if you give discounts you might want to limit who gets those campaigns. Sending them to the defected customers who spent the most will give you the best return on value. These would be the "Defected high spender" and "Defected whale" segments in my app's Recency-Monetary (RM) Customer Grid.

Though they take a bit to get started, win-back campaigns can run on auto-pilot and you'd only need to review and refresh them once or twice a year.

Eric Davis

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