Creating standardized product templates in Shopify

Today’s tip is from Eleda from Triple Mountain Model Horses. She describes her process to create a standardized product template.

Hi Eric,

In response to the customer asking how to add boilerplate text to her descriptions: Another option you could suggest – albeit this would only help with new products going forward, not retroactively as this person is hoping – is to create a template item, which you then duplicate each time you add an item.

Since I add 10-20 items every single week, this is a huge time-saver for me. I set up a template item for each category in my store and titled them like, "Template – Breyer Model." I include all the boilerplate info that will be the same for every item in that category, including parts of the item description, parts of the SEO description, and of course, category and tags. If your items in that category all have the same variations (ie Size or color options), you could have those set up in your template as well.

For each new item, I just select the correct template and click "Duplicate." Then I fill in the info specific to the new item and save it. Voila! Big time-saver.

To make it easy to get to the templates, I went into the products screen, searched on the word "Template", then saved the search. It’s now one of the tabs on that page. Because I hate extra clicks, though, I then dragged the Templates saved search to the favorites bar on my computer screen so I just click on its icon and I’m ready to go.

Please feel free to forward this to the customer who asked, and anyone else who might benefit. It’s not something I’ve found anywhere in Shopify’s tips or tricks, but it’s a life-saver for me.

Have a great day,

Thanks for sharing Eleda.

Eric Davis

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