Track running totals for cohorts using a cumulative rollup calculation

Alfons was asking about how the cumulative cohort option in Repeat Customer Insights works.

When you enable Include Previous Months (cumulative), each column adds the ones from the left so there's a running total.

Example cohort analysis

For example, lets use the regular cohort analysis. If you look on the row 2022-01, when Include Previous Months is off you'll see:

Turning on Include Previous Months the values change to:

Each view of the data gives you different analyses depending on what you're looking for. Looking at both, you can also spot some things that neither view would tell you directly.

The cumulative view let's you see how many customers ordered at least a second time since the first month they ordered.

(There's also a Revenue-based cohort view in the app that works similarly except it tracks the total revenue spent for each cohort in each month)

Eric Davis

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