Important customer behavior metrics for Shopify stores

There are 100s of metrics you can collect in your Shopify store about your customers. Maybe 1,000s.

But the vast majority of them are irrelevant or only matter in specific circumstances.

The important customer behavior metrics to track per customer are:

Using those and other metrics you can calculate aggregate customer behavior metrics. These summarize how your customer base as a whole are behaving and help you steer your business.

Collecting and monitoring these behavior metrics can be a large part of managing your store's performance. Other metrics will become important in specific circumstances or important to you but not someone else. e.g. manufacturers care about inventory while it's of minor concern to dropshippers, resellers have to watch margin much more closely.

Keeping an eye on the metrics will help you spot and correct problems before they cause too much damage.

If you want help, Repeat Customer Insights collects and calculates many of those metrics for your Shopify store automatically. It'll even keep you aware of them using email reports so you don't have to remember to check-in.

Eric Davis

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