Advice on how to actually IMPROVE your metrics

A few reports in Repeat Customer Insights include Insights.

Insights are the recommendations from the app based on your specific store metrics. Some are based on industry averages or surveys, others are comparing your own metrics to each other (e.g. overall AOV vs 2020's AOV), and others compare channel performance (e.g. AOV vs AOV from the Facebook channel).

These recommendations will usually highlight specific areas where your store is under-performing or where an improvement can be made. By clicking on them you'll have access to a more detailed description about the recommendation and advice on what you can do to improve it in your store.

Having the recommendations right in the app helps bridge that between "metric that needs improvement" to "actions to improve". That's what was missing in nearly every analytics system I've ever used. Lots of pretty numbers and graphs but no easy way to know what to do with it.

My aim is to add these Insights everywhere in Repeat Customer Insights so you have advice right at your fingertips.

The point of analytics systems isn't to make reports. It's to support positive change in the organization.

Eric Davis

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