Tag customers with their customer grades in Shopify

As a follow-up to last month's customer tagging release, customer grades are now included in the tags.

That means you can have Repeat Customer Insights analyze your customers, grade and segment them, and get access to all of those in your Shopify admin. It also means any tools that can use Shopify tags (e.g. Klaviyo, fufillment apps) can also make use of the segments and grades.

The nice thing about customer grades is that they work well with a smaller customer base. With only five different segments, it's possible to start segmenting sending personalized marketing even if you only have a few hundred customers.

(And even if you have a large store who can use the more advanced segmenting options like RFM, it can be easier to get campaigns built if you have fewer segments like the customer grades)

If you don't have Repeat Customer Insights yet and would like to have your customers graded and tagged you can install now.

Eric Davis

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