Cutting down problems to make room for growth

Yesterday I cut down two yew trees that were causing problems.

They were too close to the house, blocked the view of the front door (confusing visitors), and the branches were starting to separate making them look like a 90's mohawk.

I hate cutting down trees but since we have two spare native shrubs coming soon I was okay with it. The shrubs will be an improvement in all respects, plus the hummingbirds will go crazy over them.

12 hours after cutting them down, many of the root problems are gone and we now have a clear path to solve the others.

Sometimes you have to cut away something that's barely working in order to make room for something better.

But you should have data or observations to back you up.

We've lived with those trees for about 10 months now and kept noticing problem after problem due to their placement. It would only get worse as the plants around them grew in.

That's why you want to collect data with something like Repeat Customer Insights before you make major changes to your Shopify store, marketing, or campaigns. The changes you make might mess things up in the end but without data on the before and after, you'd never know.

Eric Davis

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