How extra shipping communication saved my day and seven trees

Our first tree order was delivered on Wednesday and the second is due later today.

Since they are live plants and from local-ish nurseries, they both shipped out with next-day delivery, one after the other.

That meant I received the shipment confirmations and had to scramble to get the planting areas prepped.

I'm glad I did too.

The first package of seven trees and two shrubs arrived at 3:39pm with about two hours of daylight left.

I finished it up right as the sun set. I almost needed a flashlight to cleanup and gather all of my tools, it was that close.

If I didn't have that shipment notice or if it was a vague "processing", I wouldn't have been able to get things prepped and it would have turned things into a crazy mess. With plants we're hoping to have for a decade or four, that could have been frustrating.

All-in-all, while the carrier took until the last-minute, the nursery did everything else right and I'm happy with the result.

When it comes to communication with your customers, it's hard to over-communicate. The message matters, shipment updates VS sales emails, but many customers want to get your messages. As long as you provide a way to opt-out and respect their decisions, it's easy for them to notice ones they're interested in.

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Eric Davis

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