Using your store data to find hidden opportunities

The data every Shopify store creates contains numerous hidden opportunities.

Using Repeat Customer Insights you can unlock many opportunities but even then, there's always more analyses that can be done to find more. Analyses I've never thought of or ones that only apply to your specific store. That's why it's important to have the option to take the data and slice-n-dice yourself (or hire someone to do that for you).

In the app you can easily export a copy of the data the app uses to build the reports. The export also includes downloadable versions of many of the reports which can also be analyzed.

I feel that keeping the data accessible to stores is a guiding principle that goes into how I build software.

With this approach, I've heard of some interesting approaches merchants have used to look for opportunities:

Every account in Repeat Customer Insights has access to the data export, as it's not locked behind the most expensive plan.

It comes with a 14-day free trial so you can see how it works and find some opportunities right away.

Eric Davis

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Optimize your promotion timing to save money and attention

Repeat Customer Insights will analyze a ton of customer behavior data for you, including their buying cycles.
If you knew exactly when the majority of your customers were ready to buy again, you can increase your orders and profit just by tweaking your message timing.

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