Ignore claims that a marketing channel is dead

It's odd how people like to dismiss marketing channels or call them dead.

Not say a channel is inefficient.

Not say a channel is too expensive to make work.

Not say a channel isn't for them.

I'm talking about out-right dismissal. "That will never work" or "that channel is dead so why bother" types of comments.

Everyone has their favorite channels or biases. I like organic SEO, content, and email and dislike social channels. But that doesn't mean social channels cannot work. They just didn't work for me and had problems I didn't want to work through. Social channels could work for you, I've heard of them working for countless businesses.

I'm a big believer of sampling a lot of different marketing channels like a Vegas buffet. Try a little bit of everything, see what you like, and go back for more.

No one is going to like every flavor so optimize for what works and try something new now and then.

The business mercenary way would even be more extreme. Only deal with channels that produce results, the rest be damned.

But dismissing a marketing channel and saying its dead is an easy way to get the clicks. Even if it's dumb.

Eric Davis

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