Don't blame the squirrels for the "cat's" behavior

We setup a camera facing the backyard awhile back.

In the middle of the night we caught a very wide looking cat wandering around the backyard.

Then start to eat some of the kale we had planted.

The same kale I thought the squirrels were getting to (and slobbering all over).

A cat eating kale seemed odd. I mean, Portland and kale is a thing but I've never heard of a cat trying to eat kale.

Then the cat waddled off and something else caught my eye...

The large white stripe on its back.




So it wasn't the squirrels who were at fault here, it was a skunk who was causing trouble.

This shows that sometimes your guesses can be wildly wrong. When you collect more data, you need to be open to changing your approach.

That's why it's important to know how your customers actually behave.

Sending a weekly newsletter with a bunch of discounts won't help your Shopify store if customers only buy in the holidays.

Instead you should market in the lead-up to the holidays and get them to mentally commit to buying from your store once the holidays are here.

The various behavior analyses in Repeat Customer Insights can help you see what customers are actually doing which will help refine your marketing.

And make sure you aren't blaming the squirrels for the skunk's misbehavior.

Eric Davis

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