Using your Repeat Sales Percentage to spot problems in your Shopify store

One metric in Repeat Customer Insights that often gets overlooked is the Repeat Sales Percentage:

Percentage of your total sales that are from repeat customers.

It’s a simple percentage metric but it speaks volumes about your customer base.

If it’s low, your customers aren’t coming back and ordering very much.

You might have very few people coming back and ordering the normal amounts (which means you need to get more people to reorder).

Or you might have a normal number of people reordering but they are spending very little (meaning you need to boost order sizes).

Or both.

If it’s high, that means a lot of your revenue is coming from repeat customers.

I’d hope you’re spending a similar amount to keep those customers when compared to new customers.

e.g. if 80% of your revenue comes from repeats but you’re only spending 10% of your budget, you’re either over-spending on new customer acquisition or you’re missing a major opportunity.

Alone, the Repeat Sales Percentage doesn’t tell a complete story. But it gives you many places to start looking for improvements.

Every Repeat Customer Insights account comes with this metric. Some account will have additional versions based on dates (e.g. 2019) or acquisition sources (e.g. POS).

Eric Davis

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