Don't let weather events keep your customers out in the cold

With the wildfires nearby, deliveries have gone really sideways.

As it was USPS has been having massive delays due to administrative policies.

With the smoke, the unsafe air quality, and full-on closures of roads, even other carriers are having problems. Amazon's started refunding orders because the shipments are so backed-up.

Some stores have been proactive with their messaging warning about delivery issues. Those help set expectations so customers don't order urgently needed items.

But others don't acknowledge the problems at all which results in customers getting upset thinking their packages have been lost.

These weather events aren't one-time events either. California has had out-of-control wildfires for as long as I can remember (though they are getting worse). The east and gulf coast gets peppered by hurricanes and tropical storms year after year.

Calling out extreme weather in your shipping page is going to become the bare minimum. Just like you'll mention how long to reach different regions, you'll need to call out how summer shipping in California could experience a wildfire delay.

Eventually you might need to be proactive by letting customers know before they order about any little hiccup with the shipping carriers. FedEx delaying shipments to Oregon? Tack on another week to that overnight shipment.

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Eric Davis

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