How paying attention can prevent a complete loss

In five minutes of wind, I lost all of my corn.

Portland's crazy high winds buffeted the entire yard but it was the corn that took much of the damage. In a span of five minutes it went from leaning to bent horizontal on the ground.

Luckily I was out securing everything else so I was able to cut it down and harvest what I could (10 pounds of partially mature cobs).

It sucks but at least we got something out of it.

If I ignored it or didn't prepare for it, we would have lost even that.

Now and then your Shopify store will get hit by "high winds" that threaten parts of it. Sometimes you can spot them coming but other times you might be blindsided by them.

A strong customer base whom you keep in contact with can help weather those storms. As long as you can keep contacting them and offering your products, you can keep a steady flow of sales.

But you can't build that when an emergency strikes. You have to put in the work earlier and pay attention to how your customers are behaving.

Expecting/hoping/praying that your past customers will magically buy again can end in disappointment when hard times strike.

One of the best ways is to build a New Customer Campaign where you welcome every new customer to your store post-purchase. It's an effective way to build the trust needed to earn a second order from them and keep them coming back for more.

It can take guesswork to get right but Repeat Customer Insights can you understand the timings to use in the Customer Purchase Latency report. That way you'll know when to transition from the more customer-service types of content into the offer-based ones.

It comes with a 14-day free trial so you can see how it works and get some ideas right away.

Eric Davis

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