Distance your Shopify store from its competitors

Your competitors influence how your customer behaves.

On one end, if you're the only producer of a product and it's patent-protected, you're going to attract all of the customers who need and can afford the product. You have a lot of flexibility to do what you want without losing too many customers.

On the other end, if you sell a commodity product that 1,000s of other stores sell, you're at the customer's mercy. You'll probably end up in a race to the bottom with price which can cause you to spend less on cost areas.

Don't feel you have to follow and copy what a competitor does. If you didn't you'd always be playing catch-up.

Instead build your own plan and execute on it. Adapt it to how your customers behave and major (mis)steps competitors make.

Just don't ignore competitors completely.

You might end up ignoring your customers.

If you're having problems with customers defecting to competitors, Repeat Customer Insights might help uncover why that's happening. Using its analyses you can figure out how to better target the good customers and let the bad ones go elsewhere.

Eric Davis

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Refine your automated marketing campaigns with better timing

When building any automated marketing campaign that sends messages over time, you need to know how long the campaign should be and how long to delay the messages. The Customer Purchase Latency metrics calculated by Repeat Customer Insights can help you figure out that timing.

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