Help your customers compare your products easily in Shopify

When you offer multiple levels of a product, you want to make it easy for a customer to compare them.

You could build in a custom compare feature into your Shopify store which can be useful for complex products with detailed specs. But not every product needs such a power tool, nor the data entry, nor the development cost.

With a little bit of thoughtful design you can make a mini-compare tool and reap many of the benefits.

Consider the updated pricing page in Repeat Customer Insights:

Repeat Customer Insight pricing plans

It's a standard software tier pricing design, where the option on the left has the least options and the right has the most.

The first three items are the same across each tier (e.g. "Automatic setup and data import"...) but then additional items are added to the 2nd and even more to the 3rd tier.

There's an incentive to get more by selecting a higher value tier.

Once you know what items to list for your products, designing these aren't difficult. Using a HTML <table> could look even better, though they're harder to code for mobile.

The benefit of this mini-compare is that you can help customers get over their decision hurdle faster and might even sell more customers on the higher-value option they weren't aware of.

If you do create this, make sure to include it on every product that's being compared with links to each product. That'll make it easier for customers to jump around while they are deciding.

If you haven't installed Repeat Customer Insights yet, it's an easy way to get a detailed look at your customer behavior.

It comes with a 14-day free trial so you can see how it works and get some ideas right away.

Eric Davis

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