Estimating how many pages in your Shopify store should appear in Search Console

One common question I get about Search Console is, how to tell how many pages should be indexed.

For Shopify stores a quick rule of thumb is to add:

  • number of products (not variants, just products)
  • number of collections
  • number of blog posts
  • number of pages

Add all of those and you’ll get close to the total number page pages in your Shopify store. I like to then add 20% and subtract 20% to account for all of the miscellaneous pages from Shopify and general indexing delays other miscellaneous stuff.

For example, one store has:

  • 153 products
  • 3 collections
  • 3 blog posts
  • 2 pages

For a total of 161 pages, which becomes 129-193 pages when you add 20% and subtract 20%.

Looking in Search Console for this store, I see there are 138 pages indexed. Well within the range. Especially since this store is newer and there’s a general upward trend for it in Search Console.

Though I can’t promise any results with it, after seeing the additional traffic and sales some customers are getting, installing JSON-LD for SEO might be one of the highest ROI decisions you make today.

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Eric Davis

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