Find the loyal customers who spent the most in your Shopify store

With the release of the RFM score filters in Repeat Customer Insights, there's more ways you can segment your Shopify customers.

One important segment are the loyal customers who have spent the most.

Loyal is defined in the app as having recently purchased and have made many purchases. Nothing about their purchase sizes though, which makes a filter a great addition.

Filtering them to only show "Monetary 5" would show which customers in the Loyal segment who have spent the most across your entire customer base (the top 20% of spending).

Adding in "Monetary 4" would be the top 40% which is roughly the above-average spenders.

These are ideal segments for loyalty campaigns or VIP promotions.

This is just one idea for using the RFM score filters. There are dozens of other effective sub-segments you can do.

These come with every Repeat Customer Insights account and are setup automatically for you. You don't have to think about how to create the segments, the app will do it for you.

Eric Davis

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