New customer filters for RFM scores released

Repeat Customer Insights now has the ability to filter customers by their RFM scores.

List of RFM filters available in Repeat Customer Insights

Previously the app would use the RFM scores behind-the-scenes but they weren't shown except in the data export. Great for spreadsheet users, but not great for stores who wanted to browse and explore their customers.

I've added the option to filter the customer lists to show customers with specific RFM scores. The RFM score has also been added as a sortable column. This works in the main customer list, the Automatic Segments, and the Cohort customer list. For those segments the filters work as a was to refine the segment (e.g. who is in the Loyal segment with a Monetary of 4 or 5?).

This feature is available to all Repeat Customer Insights accounts as part of the RFM Segmenting feature. If you haven't signed up for an account, the app page includes details about what the app does and how it can help you improve your repeat customers.

Eric Davis

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