Focus on the areas critical to your Shopify store first

Our first hazelnut tree and blueberry order was delivered last week.

Our plan called for several trees and shrubs in the first phase, but there are a lot of gaps in the plan.

Planing takes a lot of resources. I haven't had the time to research everything that we're going to plant.

The main trees and shrubs, sure. Those are the core areas and define how the yard will appear (e.g. keyhole beds, north tree line, suntraps, etc).

But planning each and every square foot, that's a lot of work.

Even for me, who leans heavily on the planning side.

It's better to get the broad strokes and the long-term things figured out first and then do the rest later on. e.g. If it takes a few years for the apple and nut trees to produce, get them in first.

The same can be said for your business.

Marketing and customer generation wise you need a few things planned out in detail like:

Spend 80% of your marketing time to support those and don't worry so much about which slider to use (none) or the size of your font.

If you need visibility into how your best customers are behaving and how to keep them, Repeat Customer Insights has several analyses that can do that for you.

Eric Davis

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