The forgotten P of marketing


One question I get from new JSON-LD for SEO customers is,

How long until my store’s rich snippets show up in Google?

I’m not going to get into the math behind the answer for that but I believe the thinking behind this question is important for every store owner to consider.

Any kind of marketing tactic, SEO or otherwise, really needs to be put into the long-term perspective.

It can take 11+ weeks before a store starts to have rich snippets appear in Google. Some stores, especially new ones, can take even longer.

Even though an app like JSON-LD for SEO only takes a couple of minutes to install and setup, there’s a built in delay before any benefits come of it (because Google).

But that also means that your competitors probably won’t have the patience to wait.

Waiting for results sucks, but if all you have to do is flip a switch and then wait, it’s way better than thrashing about every day trying to find a magical short term tactic that works.


Do things now that will pay off later.

Even if you have to wait. Even if it feels like a short-term hack would be better.

Persistence over time is proven to work.

If you don’t have the structured data setup for rich snippets on your store yet, you’ll want to use JSON-LD for SEO.

It’s one of those flip a switch and wait tactics but one that will pay off in a few months.

Patiently waiting,

Eric Davis

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