Why Shopify stores always need more traffic

I was talking with a friend yesterday and he was asking if I was already doing A/B testing on my sites.

I told him that’s the wrong thing to do and A/B testing won’t help me at the stage I’m at.

The problem is, A/B testing won’t tell you anything without enough traffic.

Sure, it might appear that an optimization might work out but when you do the math and statistics, most of the time you need more data to prove that it’s not a fluke. Or you need to wait another 11 months.

500 conversions in a month.

That’s what Nick Disabato, a respected conversion rate optimizer says is the minimum number of conversions you need in a month.

Remember this is conversions, not traffic or visits. In the case of a Shopify store, a conversion is a sale.

To get to 500 conversions at a 1% conversion rate you’d need 50,000 visits per month. 25,000 if you get a 2% rate.

Do you have that traffic level? If so, A/B testing might be something you can think about.

If not, you need to focus on your traffic first.

I know I don’t have that much traffic, even though my conversion rates are higher.

Of the three-legged traffic stool, organic SEO is an important leg. One that can send you a lot of regular, consistent traffic over time.

Besides building backlinks, one of the best ways to increase your organic traffic is to make sure Google can read and understand what your site is about. This means correctly using HTML tags and also setting up your structured data.

If you don’t have the structured data setup on your store yet, you’ll want to use JSON-LD for SEO. In under five minutes you can have structured data on every page of your store.

I don’t always A/B test but when I do,

Eric Davis

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