Innovation around free shipping offers

While going through some ecommerce stats and studies I came across a post from Jilt that mentioned a pretty interesting offer.

Rue La La offers a shipping option called The Rue 30®. Basically when you order, you pay shipping but any additional orders over the next 30 days ship free.

(They also have an annual shipping option for a flat annual fee)

This incentive is similar to the Free Shipping Over X but it's only offered to repeat customers. One time customers would still end up paying for shipping like normal.

This incentive makes it very easy for a customer to make additional purchases. It also nudges them to order over the next month instead of taking their time (built in time pressure).

It's a creative incentive and since they've actually trademarked it's name, it must work quite well for them.

Free and fast shipping are offers a lot of stores are forced into but this shows that with a bit of creativity there are other options.

Eric Davis

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