Full store backups in Shopify

Matt emailed asking about Shopify backups after having a bad experience with apps editing image urls:

I'd like to know how to make a full back up of my entire Shopify store in case it breaks and I need to reinstall everything.

Except for the theme backup, Shopify doesn't really offer any sort of data backup.

You can export orders, customers, etc but it's not easy to restore them. Even then, the data is incomplete.

The Shopify API that developers and apps use can get more data but you'll have a lot of work to get everything coded for your store.

The Rewind is a backup app I've heard about for years. I know many consultants recommend and even require it when working with a store. I've never used it but it's where I'd start my search if I ran a store.

Even then, you'll still want to download and grab snapshots of critical data. Just in case something goes haywire and your backup app or even Shopify has a problem. Your theme code, orders, customers, and products are the big ones you'd want to grab every month or so.

The idea of easy access to backups is why every Repeat Customer Insights customer has the ability to export their analyzed customers and reports. I've seen other apps charge for an export option and that just sounds bizarre.

Eric Davis

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