Take care of deferred maintenance before the busy season

I've been wheelbarrowing loads of wood chips to our garden.

On the first trip I noticed the wheelbarrow bouncing around oddly and being difficult to steer. I checked the tire and it wasn't punctured but there was almost no air in it.

Five minutes and a bike pump later, it was back up to 25 psi.

From then on the ride was smooth and the rest of the work went quickly.

I should have checked it awhile ago and never let it get so low. This sort of maintenance is easy to miss when there's work to do, though it probably made me work harder than necessary.

It being August, now is the time to start checking the air pressure in your Shopify store. Come October, the good consultants are going to be busy and you're going to have a hard time getting to worth with them. (I've already heard of some booked into next year already)

One way to get results quickly and not have to wait months is with Website Rescues by Ilana Davis. She'll improve your existing theme so it works better (conversion optimization, speed, SEO, etc) and it'll happen in two weeks as opposed to two months.

Eric Davis

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