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I harvested the last of my garlic yesterday (44 bulbs in all). Some are good size, most are a bit smaller than I'd hoped (not enough water, poor soil).

But a third of them were planted in free space, nestled in-between other plants and squeezed in where nothing else would fit. Extra harvest, no extra space needed.

I did the math and if I filled all of the free spaces I could grow 150 bulbs next year with very little effort (the garlic would grow in the off-season). Totally worth it.

In your Shopify store you likely have a few products that are inexpensive or accessories to your main products.

Adding an upsell for them or even recommending them on the product page is a great idea that you've seen by now.

But have you thought about promoting them directly?

As part of your new customer welcome campaign, what if you add an email that only talks about those accessories? These customers will have likely bought your main product and started using it by now, so they could be interested in getting more value out of it.

Say you sell pots, pitch a steamer basket or additional lid.

Or if you sell shoes, pitch colorful shoelaces or cleaner.

Or if you sell any kind of equipment that relies on a consumable, pick the consumable early "before you run out".

These orders might not have much revenue or profit but they can start getting your new customers thinking about buying again. The sooner they make their second purchase, the better the chances of them making a third or fourth purchase.

You could even time these pitches to be a bit earlier than your usual second orders (look for the Latency metric in Repeat Customer Insights for the 2nd order). When they happen, that'll speed up your cash flow, revenue, and a bunch of other metrics.

At the very least, you could end up with some additional sales.

Like more garlic, more sales is usually a good thing.

Eric Davis

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