Google algorithm update for June

This week expect some fluctuations in Google Search as they release another core algorithm update.

They release these updates a few times per year and have been more transparent about their releases recently. This one they even pre-announced a couple of days ahead of time.

Search Engine Journal has some information about the update and I expect they’ll cover more of it once the update is fully released and search results tested.

One important section in their article is their advice about how to react to the update.

It’s the last section and an important read if you rely on SEO traffic, hire an SEO advisor, or panic whenever you hear about a Google update.

Interestingly, core algorithm updates don’t seem to directly impact Rich Results or how they are interpreted by the algorithm. The results from JSON-LD for SEO have been very stable and consistent for a couple of years now, through several major algorithm updates.

Eric Davis

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