Google Search Console updates and removes several reports

While reading about what’s new in Google’s Search Console I heard that their (buggy) Rich Cards report has finally been retired.

For years that report would include the wrong data and was confusing everyone by mixing up Rich Cards and Rich Snippets. (Rich Snippets are better looking results, Rich Cards are results at the top of the pages with images).

Now with the new Search Console most of the Rich Result data is shown in one place and doesn’t contradict the rest of Google’s documentation. It’s all in Performance > Search Appearance now.

If you haven’t started using the new Search Console or have never set it up, it’s worth the few minutes of your time. It’s not perfect but the data it includes can’t be found anywhere else.

RIP Rich Cards Report.

Before you can get any of those enhancements though, you need to have structured data in your store. Most Shopify themes don’t have that and neither do many general-purpose Shopify SEO apps.

JSON-LD for SEO provides the high-quality data that will let your store qualify for Rich Results. Often times faster than the industry averages.

Eric Davis

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