Lousy customer segmenting from Comcast

Last week our internet contract ended so I setup a new one with Comcast.

Same address. Same billing. Same account.

Then yesterday I received a letter from them asking us to take their service with them on our move.

Our move.

Yeah for some reason, renewing a contract with Comcast makes them think that you’re moving so you get pitched with a whole bunch of invalid offers.

This is what happens when you misuse marketing automation on bad customer segmenting. All they’d have to do is notice that my address is the same and skip over the moving campaign.

But it’s Comcast. I don’t expect much from them.

Though it doesn’t track customer moves, Repeat Customer Insights can automatically segment your customers for you. Ranging from 5 to over 125+ different segments, you can pick how fine-grained you want your segments.

Eric Davis

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