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Marketing Automation is a form of marketing that brings in different messaging platforms (email marketing, SMS, social media, etc) and adds automation to how they work.

Complicated sounding right? It can be.

At the core marketing automation relies on:

Triggers look for customer behavior

A trigger is a bit of code that looks for a specific behavior by a customer.

This might be clicking a specific link, using a coupon, or even not clicking a specific link.

When that behavior happens, the trigger tells an action about it.

Actions do stuff

Action are more bits of code that do things. They verb.

They run by a trigger sending them a customer. The action then runs with that customer's data to do what it was coded to do.

Example marketing automations

When this link is clicked (trigger), add invite-accepted tag to the customer in Shopify (action).

When this coupon is used (trigger), schedule Follow up on your order email to be sent in 7 days (action).

Connecting triggers to actions to triggers to actions

The real power of marketing automation is connecting multiple triggers and actions together. Often called workflows, these bundles of code can perform a lot of work automatically for you.

You might have a trigger happen when an order is placed, cause the customer to be tagged, a sequence of emails to be scheduled, and then if they don't place another order after 1 year send them a winback sequence over SMS.

(If you've used Shopify Flow before, Flow is very similar though it can do more than just marketing automation)

Marketing automation adds complexity and cost

It's best to remember marketing automations as little bundle of code. Even if a provider has a pretty website to make them, they are code behind the scenes.

This means it can become very complex to build and run marketing automations. Oftentimes a software developer or a developer-like person is needed to step in and evaluate how the system as a whole runs.

This makes these systems costly to run and maintain (beyond just the per-month cost) but the benefits can be huge if they are taken advantage of.

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