Shopify store automation events that Drip can capitalize on

Drip’s Shopify integration uses events to know what’s going on in Shopify. When a customer makes a purchase, Drip sees that event and can then trigger your marketing automation rules.

It’s important to know which events are supported so you can plan your store’s integration. I’ve included the full list below showing the Shopify event that happens and the corresponding event name in Drip. You need to use the Drip event name with the Performed a custom event as the trigger in your automation rules.

Shopify event Drip event
orders/create Order created
orders/cancelled Order cancelled
orders/delete Order deleted
orders/update Order updated
orders/payment Order payment
orders/fulfillment Order fulfillment
checkouts/create Checkout created
checkouts/delete Checkout deleted
checkouts/update Checkout updated
customers/create Customer created
customers/delete Customer deleted
customers/disable Customer disabled
customers/enable Customer enabled
customers/update Customer updated
fulfillments/create Fulfillment created
fulfillments/update Fulfillment updated

This list of Shopify events that Drip supports will give you the ability to add marketing automation around most of the customer actions in Shopify.