Highlight your most popular product variants to improve your conversions

Awhile back I redesigned the pricing page of Repeat Customer Insights and wanted to write about the decisions I made that can apply to your Shopify store.

A simple one that can really help is to highlight the popular option.

Repeat Customer Insights pricing plans

This is done all the time in the software industry but I rarely see it in ecommerce.

When you have non-fit or flavor options, you should be highlighting which variant is the most popular. Ignore the fit, color, and other preference variants.

But highlight which quantity most customer buy (e.g. 6-pack vs 12-pack, 1-pound vs 5-pound), which options and extras they pick, and anything else to help steer your customers choice.

By hinting at the popular option, you're making it easier for them to decide which means your conversion rate will probably improve. (Lookup decision fatigue)

I did this in Repeat Customer Insights with a color shift, a bit larger font size, and a bit of microcopy ("Most Popular Plan"). You could do exactly the same thing or go further and add a badge or a few more lines of copy.

It doesn't take much.

And if you're not sure which variant is the most popular, Repeat Customer Insights has a First Product Analysis that will look at which variants produced the most value for your store. It's a bit different than Shopify's best selling products report but you could easily tweak the copy you use.

Promote your winners is a solid business strategy.

Eric Davis

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