Shattering my phone

I shattered my phone screen the other day.

I pulled it out of my pocket, it slipped from my hand, and hit the hardwood floor just perfect enough to shatter the entire screen. Even with a wraparound case.

It still runs but the screen is so covered with cracks that you can only swipe in one little half-inch area. Anywhere else and you end up with tiny pieces of glass on your finger.

I got a replacement but I found out that some critical things weren’t getting backed up correctly on it, even though backups were configured and running.

One that wasn’t backed up or transferable was my 2FA. Meaning I was almost locked out of a lot of systems until I jumped through several hoops.

I was able to get everything moved over but now I’m having to make sure the critical things I rely on are backed up and accessible or that there’s a backup for them (and a backup for my backup’s backups…).

It’s been mentioned by me in the past but just as critical is making sure you’re backing up your Shopify theme.

It’s so easy for themes to get messed up, especially if you’ve given access to a lot of people or apps and haven’t gone back to clear out old code.

Having a backup that you can rely on in an emergency can save your store. It only takes a few minutes every month to create a backup (Go to your themes list, Actions, and then click download theme file).

Eric Davis

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