How attention melts the snow

This weekend we finally had the last of the snow melt away.

Even though we've had above freezing temperatures all week and a bit of sun, there were some areas that were still covered a week after the storms left.

All due to angles.

The snow fell downward but due to the winter sun, some areas have been fully shaded for months because the sun's at a low angle. Meaning the snow would melt very slowly in some areas wile other areas that sun's attention started to melt right away.

While your customers work differently than snow melt, they respond to attention too.

Pay attention and market to one segment and their behavior will change. Ignore another segment and their behavior won't change by much (e.g. low reorders).

Ideally you'd pay attention to everyone but since resources are limited you probably can't. You can do an okay job marketing to everyone or a great job marketing to a few.

It just depends on where you need the snow to melt.

Repeat Customer Insights can help you find the snow in your customers. Who's ordered recently. Who's likely to defect to a competitor. Who's spent the most money.

Eric Davis

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