How rushing to quick results ended up making things worse

Last week I started digging out of a large planting strip in the front of our house.

It was full of crushed stone but had enough soil in there that caused a jungle of weeds to start to take hold. I wanted to deal with it before they got out of control but that meant shoveling few cubic yards of rock.

The first day I made a lot of progress but unfortunately breaking the rocks outs with the shovel blistered my palm.

That sidelined me for the rest of the week while it healed.

After it healed enough to hold a shovel again, it only took another two days to finish the job. Even with being cautious with the blister.

Now we have a nice looking bed, full of soil, and with some pathways in-between to get to the sidewalk. Plus some flower seeds have started to sprout already.

It took longer than I hoped because of my own mistake and overzealous approach. If I took a more measured, gradual approach then it would have been finished faster and without having to baby my hand for a few days.

(It was such a pain to keep a bandage on the palm, especially with all the hand-washing needed right now)

When it comes to marketing, often you'll want to jump in and do anything and everything to improve your sales. While the energy is great, such a spike can be a fast-track to burnout. Of both you and your customer's attention.

A better approach is a measured, steady approach. One campaign at a time. One channel at a time. It might feel slower but the results could be much higher because of the consistency.

Just like shoveling rocks, gradually building up your marketing piece-by-piece can make sure you don't get hurt and lose time.

Repeat Customer Insights can help you gradually improve your repeat customer marketing. It'll tell you which groups you should invest time on as well as how to reach them.

Eric Davis

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