How technical do I need to be to install and use Repeat Customer Insights?

A customer emailed me about Repeat Customer Insights:

Interested in your app. How technical do I need to be to install and utilize the app?

Installing is easy, once you authorize the payment it'll get your data from Shopify and run the analyses automatically for you.

I've tried to make the reports easy to understand by giving explanations and training where I can. It's not difficult to use but some of the more advanced reports can be difficult to apply (e.g. using the Customer Purchase Latency report to plan out an email campaign with specific hard sell timing).

I'd say the majority of the reports are pretty easy and straight-forward to read and apply (Store Analysis, Monday Morning Metrics, Customer Segmenting, Customer Grids).

The more advanced reports (Customer Cohorts, Customer Purchase Latency) take more effort but can pay off because they can find insights you might have never seen before.

Whether you use Repeat Customer Insights or not, I'd recommend taking a look at my articles too. The Strategy section covers a wide-range of topics while the other categories get into the specific reports.

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