Discover how well your Shopify store *really* converts customers

Reviewing your store while pretending to be a customer is a quick way to spot weaknesses in your buying funnel.

But a common problem is that you know too much.

You already know what to search for to find a product.

You already know how much shipping will cost.

You already know what will happen when you add something to the cart.

It’s really hard to step outside that knowledge and look at it fresh eyes like a customer.

One alternative is to use your friends and family.

Find someone who you can trust to be honest and watch them order something from your store.

Don’t have them narrative what they are doing, just watch them.

Don’t help them either, even if they are struggling. (Trust me, this will be difficult)

You’ll find a lot of potential issues by watching just a handful of people try to buy something.

This is also much cheaper than hiring someone to do actual, scientific-level user testing. You might not learn as much but you won’t spend as much either (time or money).

When you’re watching them, pay attention to how they interact with your add to cart button.

It’s common to see people misplace it or try to click a bunch of other things on your product page.

That’s why having a visible, easy-to-find add to cart button is so important.

You can get one too if you installed Sticky.

Make your Shopify Add to Cart button sticky so your customers always have a clear, impossible-to-miss call to action for mobile and desktop.